Some people say antagolin is formulated to regulate insulin blood levels and is particularly useful in obese individuals. In this regard it supposedly helps with weight loss and improved blood sugar control.


Insulin is a hormone with multiple functions:
  • It helps transport glucose into the cell membranes; 
  • It keeps the body from hunger; 
  • It helps generate energy by converting glucose into fat; 
  • and insulin block the release of fat from fat cells. 
When the body is insulin resistant, this means that the normal levels of insulin are no longer sufficient to comply with the body's demands. To try to compensate for the body produces more insulin, which in turn causes again that the body more fat storage and less fat burning.
It is claimed that these levels Antagolin amends by imitating the natural biochemical role of insulin, which helps to transport glucose through the cell membrane. Antagolin also contains agents that the receptivity of insulin for the body more efficient.
These combined effects help to lower insulin levels, reduce fat deposits and causes the breakdown of increased levels of fat.

Feedback from users of Antagolin:

I take Antagolin in conjunction with Glucophage and in the first week I lost 3 kg. I want to know if the medication will give you diarrhea?

I use Glucophage and yes, it gives you a running stomach.
When I started to use it, I was very depressed and had eaten almost nothing yet, at that time, I also just ended a long-term relationship - that so-called first love, anyway, I drank the pills so that I do not eat every night. 

My stomach went crazy late nights and it felt like I was not going to last. It started many times to burn because of all the fat and acid flush out your body but it's really good medication.

How much weight do you need to lose?

My gynecologist wants me to shed 10% of my body weight loss, it's 11kg for me and I started well, just 7 kg more to go, so I lost one kilo a day.

I want to return to a number 34 or 36 going, I'm now a 46 so 10 numbers to go.

Benefits of Antagolin:

  • Can help control insulin levels. 
  • No side effects so far have been reported. 

Disadvantages of Antagolin:

  • There are not a lot of information on the Internet.
  • Antagolin was not tested clinically.


  • Antagolin should NOT be used to treat diabetes.
  • Although the pill claims it will help control your insulin levels, you must always ask a doctor before using this product.
  • Just because it claims that it may be good for you and will help control your insulin levels to, does not mean it will not.
  • This pill can be completely safe for you to take, and it can help control your insulin levels, but you should definitely see a doctor before you order it.
  • The bottle Antagolin are quite expensive and there are no guarantees offered, so talk to a doctor before you make the purchase.
Information, images or examples contained in this section are illustrative and educational purposes. It should not be considered as advice or a recommendation to Antagolin or any other product to buy or sell any goods or medication.

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Antagolin & Probiotics

Antagolin & Probiotics

A recent study found that probiotics could be an effective weapon in the fight against obesity because probiotics help people lose weight.

A team of researchers from Calgary probiotics tested in overweight or obese adults. 

Forty-eight people participated in the study. Each has 21 grams of probiotic fiber taken for 12 weeks every day.

The research team found that the probiotic group an average fat loss of 1.03 kg had. When compared with the placebo group, but 0.45 kg lost over the same period, loss of fat significantly - and probiotics may be extremely important to help people lose weight in the long term.

What makes probiotics useful in the fight against excess body fat, and the number one target of so many people, to lose weight?

The researchers used probiotic fiber to supplement the participants' diets. This fiber feed the bacteria in your intestines and is linked to the question of whether you are going to be the type of person who is overweight, normal weight, or lean will be. 

Feeding these bacteria should help people to migrate to the more normal or skinny type of person - that is exactly what the researchers found.

What is even more positive about the results of this study are that overweight adults who were just lost fat involved. No muscle or bone mass was lost not according to the researchers. This means that probiotic fiber specifically targeted fat cells in the body - an even more exciting benefits of probiotics's ability to help people lose weight.

You will find probiotic fiber in the following foods: asparagus, bananas, garlic, barley, rye, yogurt and kefir.

Have YOU ever tried to help probiotics to lose weight?

Did it help YOU lose weight and achieve your goals?

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5 Super Foods

These five super foods are scientifically proven to halt the spread of breast cancer  

Though there is little meaningful talk about this important subject in the mainstream media, cancer prevention is something that every single person needs to be thinking about, especially in light of the excess of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), environmental chemicals, and other modern exposures linked to rapidly rising rates of this deadly disease. And one of the best ways to avoid getting cancer is to fortify your body with a robust nutritional profile rich in cancer-fighting "super foods."

Research out of the City of Hope Cancer Centre near Los Angeles, California, has determined that five specific super foods possess demonstrable cancer-fighting benefits -- and the good news is that most of them are generally available year-round at grocery stores nationwide. 
These super foods include:

1) Mushrooms. 

Scientists from City of Hope were among the first to identify some of the cancer-fighting properties of mushrooms, having discovered that common white-button mushrooms are capable of slowing the growth of breast cancer tumours by targeting aromatase, a protein enzyme that biosynthesizes oestrogen in the body. Since aromatase is linked to spurring breast cancer tumours, eating mushrooms can help stop these cancer cells from growing and spreading.

Researchers observed a similar benefit in men concerning prostate cancer. Mushroom extract was found not only to lower levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a hormone linked to the development of the disease, but also to fortify the body's own natural defences in blocking lung and potentially other forms of cancer. 


Numerous studies have confirmed that blueberries effectively prevent breast cancer cells from not only multiplying and spreading, but also from surviving. Blueberry compounds have been shown to shrink the size of existing tumours, as well as block the proliferation of triple-negative breast cancers. 

3) Pomegranates. 

A super food with a variety of unique benefits, pomegranates possess six unique substances that, like mushrooms, suppress aromatase, which roughly 70 per cent of breast cancers need in order to grow and thrive. Besides preventing and fighting breast cancer, pomegranates have been shown to target many other forms of cancer as well, including colon cancer.

The specific cancer-fighting compounds in pomegranates include urolithin A (UA), methylated UA, acetylated UB, methylated UB, and UB sulphate, all of which are naturally-occurring phytochemicals that inhibit multiple oestrogen-producing mechanisms responsible for spurring tumour growth.

4) Cinnamon

Long utilized as both a spice and a medicine, cinnamon is a powerful cancer fighter in its own right, as it effectively blocks a protein that tumours need to establish a life-giving blood supply. Known as angiogenesis, this blockage of blood vessel growth prevents tumours from both growing and surviving. 

5) Grape seed extract. 

This one might be a little bit harder to find, as many grape varieties sold in stores are now seedless. But the compounds found in grape seeds are worth the extra effort to find, as they have been shown to help inhibit aromatase, which in turn blocks the formation of breast cancer. Grape seed extract also blocks the action of another protein responsible for spurring the growth and spread of cancer cells.

"City of Hope is uncovering important links between nutrition and the fight against cancer," says the group on its website about this fascinating and on-going research. "We have found that mushrooms may slow the growth of breast cancer, blueberries could slow down the spread of cancer, and grape seed extract might starve cancer cells."

20 Anti-Aging Herbs

20 Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices to Add to Your Diet

The typical modern diet that is high in simple carbohydrates--white flour, white salt, and processed food--is aging us. We are getting all the bulk without the nutrients, plus adding to our propensity for developing real food cravings. So whether you are a vegetarian or an omnivore, you can start to reverse aging bysimply choosing to eat the right foods to keep you full of vim, vigor, and vitality, especially over the holidays. The easiest way to make sure you are getting more nutrients into every meal.

Every time you flavor your meals with herbs or spices you are literally "upgrading" your food without adding a single calorie. You are taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary by adding color, flavor, vitamins, and often medicinal properties.

Here's why:

* Spices and herbs maximize nutrient density. Herbs and spices contain antioxidants, minerals and multivitamins. At the cocktail party, choose the Thai chicken satay stick over the tried and true fried chicken strip.

* Spices and herbs create a more thermogenic diet. Because spices are nutrient dense, they are thermogenic, which means they naturally increase your metabolism.

* Some spices and herbs increase your overall feeling of fullness and satiety, so you'll eat less. One study conducted at Maanstricht University in the Netherlands showed that when one consumes an appetizer with half a teaspoon of red pepper flakes before each meal, it decreased their calorie intake by 10-16 percent.

* Spices and herbs have real medicinal properties. Study after study shows the benefits of distinct herbs and spices. For example, one 2003 trial of 60 people withtype 2 diabetes reported that consuming as little as two teaspoons of cinnamon daily for six weeks reduced blood-glucose levels significantly. It also improved blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels, perhaps because insulin plays a key role in regulating fats in your body.

Choose flavor over blandness every time, and try to incorporate these specificherbs and spices into your diet if you have the following health concerns:

rosemary and basil for their anti-inflammatory power
cumin and sage for their dementia-fighting power
cayenne and cinnamon for their obesity-fighting power
coriander and cinnamon for their sugar regulating powers
lemon grass, nutmeg, bay leaves and saffron for their calming effects on your mood turmeric for its cancer fighting power oregano for its fungus-beating power
garlic, mustard seed and chicory for their heart-pumping power basil and thyme for their skin-saving power
turmeric, basil, cinnamon, thyme, saffron, and ginger for their immune-boosting power