Some people say antagolin is formulated to regulate insulin blood levels and is particularly useful in obese individuals. In this regard it supposedly helps with weight loss and improved blood sugar control.


Insulin is a hormone with multiple functions:
  • It helps transport glucose into the cell membranes; 
  • It keeps the body from hunger; 
  • It helps generate energy by converting glucose into fat; 
  • and insulin block the release of fat from fat cells. 
When the body is insulin resistant, this means that the normal levels of insulin are no longer sufficient to comply with the body's demands. To try to compensate for the body produces more insulin, which in turn causes again that the body more fat storage and less fat burning.
It is claimed that these levels Antagolin amends by imitating the natural biochemical role of insulin, which helps to transport glucose through the cell membrane. Antagolin also contains agents that the receptivity of insulin for the body more efficient.
These combined effects help to lower insulin levels, reduce fat deposits and causes the breakdown of increased levels of fat.

Feedback from users of Antagolin:

I take Antagolin in conjunction with Glucophage and in the first week I lost 3 kg. I want to know if the medication will give you diarrhea?

I use Glucophage and yes, it gives you a running stomach.
When I started to use it, I was very depressed and had eaten almost nothing yet, at that time, I also just ended a long-term relationship - that so-called first love, anyway, I drank the pills so that I do not eat every night. 

My stomach went crazy late nights and it felt like I was not going to last. It started many times to burn because of all the fat and acid flush out your body but it's really good medication.

How much weight do you need to lose?

My gynecologist wants me to shed 10% of my body weight loss, it's 11kg for me and I started well, just 7 kg more to go, so I lost one kilo a day.

I want to return to a number 34 or 36 going, I'm now a 46 so 10 numbers to go.

Benefits of Antagolin:

  • Can help control insulin levels. 
  • No side effects so far have been reported. 

Disadvantages of Antagolin:

  • There are not a lot of information on the Internet.
  • Antagolin was not tested clinically.


  • Antagolin should NOT be used to treat diabetes.
  • Although the pill claims it will help control your insulin levels, you must always ask a doctor before using this product.
  • Just because it claims that it may be good for you and will help control your insulin levels to, does not mean it will not.
  • This pill can be completely safe for you to take, and it can help control your insulin levels, but you should definitely see a doctor before you order it.
  • The bottle Antagolin are quite expensive and there are no guarantees offered, so talk to a doctor before you make the purchase.
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